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Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

In this article, we'll dig headfirst into the world of bluetooth gaming mouse and discuss why investing in the best bluetooth gaming mouse is a game-changer for your general well-being during epic gaming marathons or long work hours.
Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Before we get into the specifics, let’s look at what distinguishes a gaming mouse from a standard office mouse. A gaming mouse is more than just a click-and-scroll device. It’s your trusted digital buddy, giving precise, lightning-fast answers as well as some cool extra buttons to level up your gaming activities.

Things to consider 

When you are looking for the best bluetooth gaming mouse, it is essential to consider many factors that can significantly impact your overall working or gaming  experience.. The right choice can make long gaming sessions or extended work hours more comfortable and productive.. Let’s explore these key considerations:


The quality of your wireless bluetooth gaming mouse is paramount. Look for well-built devices that can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. A reliable bluetooth gaming mouse wireless should feel sturdy, with durable buttons and a precise sensor for smooth tracking.


Mouse design  plays an important role in your comfort and performance.. Think about the shape and size that best fits your hand.. Also, look at the button layout  and  scroll wheel placement to make sure they fit your gaming or work requirements.. Aesthetics are also a factor; Many cheap bluetooth gaming mouse feature customizable RGB lighting for a personalized feel.


Ergonomics are vital, especially if you`re going to spend hours at the computer. Choose a mouse that offers an ergonomic design, reducing the risk of hand strain or discomfort. Whether you prefer a palm or claw grip, the right ergonomic features can make a significant difference in how you feel after a long day of gaming or work.

Connectivity Technology

The type of connectivity technology is crucial. While we’re discussing wireless gaming mouse bluetooth, it’s essential to consider whether bluetooth or wireless connections suit your needs. Both have their pros and cons, including factors like latency and battery life.


Sensitivity, often measured in DPI (dots per inch), can impact your gaming precision. Higher DPI settings allow for faster cursor movement, which is essential for gamers who need quick reflexes. However, not all gamers require ultra-high DPI levels, so it’s best to find a balance that suits your gaming style.


The weight of your gaming mouse can influence your performance. Lighter mice are often favored by gamers who require quick and precise movements, while heavier models can offer stability and precision. Consider what suits your gaming preferences.


Additional features, like programmable buttons, customizable RGB lighting, and onboard memory for saving profiles, can enhance your experience. These features can help you tailor your mouse to specific games or tasks, making it a versatile tool in your gaming or work arsenal.

TOP 8 Best Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Logitech | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 12,000 | Programmable Buttons: 6 | RGB: No | Weight: 99g | Colors: Black


The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse is a stellar example of a wireless bluetooth gaming mouse that delivers both performance and convenience. With its bluetooth connectivity technology, it offers gamers the freedom to move without the constraints of a wired connection, making it a notable wireless gaming mouse bluetooth. The HERO 12K Sensor provides a top-tier experience with precision and responsiveness, ensuring that it stands out as a contender for the title of the best bluetooth gaming mouse. Its lightweight design, weighing in at just 99 grams, enhances maneuverability during intense gaming sessions, proving that a wireless mouse doesn’t have to mean heavy. Additionally, it boasts up to 12,000 DPI sensitivity for competition-level accuracy, making it a strong candidate for those seeking the best Bluetooth gaming mouse experience.

The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse offers gamers a reliable and the best bluetooth gaming mouse experience. With a lightweight design, impressive battery life, and precision offered by the HERO 12K Sensor, it is a strong contender for those looking for a wireless gaming mouse to enhance their gaming sessions.

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed in white provides exceptional value. Its swift wireless connectivity, tactile clicks, comfortable design for claw grip users, and responsive sensor make it a top-notch gaming mouse. For budget-conscious gamers seeking high performance, the G305 is an excellent choice for a cheap bluetooth gaming mouse that delivers without disappointment.


  • Speedy wireless connectivity
  • Sharp and tactile clicks
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Lightning-fast sensor


  • Non-rechargeable
  • Limited software customization
  • Easily pressed side buttons
  • Prone to dirt

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Corsair | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 10,000 | Programmable Buttons: 6 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 99g | Colors: Black


The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is a versatile bluetoothgaming mouse designed to meet the needs of gamers seeking both wireless convenience and low-latency performance. It features Corsair’s Slipstream Wireless Technology for hyper-fast, sub-1ms wireless connection speeds, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience. Additionally, it offers Bluetooth and USB wired connectivity options, allowing flexibility in connection choices.

This wireless gaming mouse is known for its lightweight construction, weighing just 99 grams, which enhances playtime without causing fatigue. Its comfortable contoured shape and rubber side grips provide long-term comfort and a confident grip during extended gaming sessions. The Corsair Harpoon offers up to 60 hours of battery life in wireless mode or can be used in wired mode while charging. With ultra-durable Omron switches rated for over 50 million clicks and a precise 10,000 DPI optical sensor, this mouse is ideal for gamers who demand high accuracy and reliability in their gaming peripherals. The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is a versatile gaming mouse that provides a range of connection options and features tailored to meet the demands of gamers, making it a competitive option in the world of gaming peripherals.


  • Premium build and sleek design
  • Suitable for hobby gamers
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Effortless sensitivity adjustment


  • Slightly smaller size 
  • Initial sensitivity button challenges
  • Smaller side buttons
  • Limited software customization

Redragon M913 Impact Elite Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Redragon | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 16,000 | Programmable Buttons: 16 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 4.70z | Colors: Black


The Redragon M913 Impact Elite is a versatile gaming mouse offering both wireless and wired modes, catering to the needs of gamers. With 12 programmable side buttons, this MMO mouse enhances your gaming experience by providing quick access to commands. It boasts an Optical Pixart 3335 gaming sensor for exceptional responsiveness and low latency, registering each click and swipe within 1ms. 

The Redragon M913 features 5 onboard DPI levels (ranging from 1000 to 16000) for adaptable precision. It also offers a unique Eco mode for prolonged battery life, allowing up to 80 hours of use. With customizable RGB lighting and driver support, the M913 Impact Elite ensures you can game exactly the way you want.


  • Extensive customization
  • Useful for streaming
  • Multiple DPI levels
  • Additional buttons


  • Right-click issue
  • Small side buttons
  • Confusing software
  • Glossy finish

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB – FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Corsair | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 18,000 | Programmable Buttons: 10 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 4.6oz | Colors: Black


The Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse is designed for gamers with larger hands and palm grips. It offers three modes of connection, including hyper-fast sub-1ms Slipstream Corsair Wireless technology, low-latency Bluetooth, and USB wired, providing flexibility for various gaming setups. The mouse features a custom PixArt PMW3391 18,000 DPI optical sensor, adjustable in 1 DPI resolution steps for precise tracking. It also includes ten fully programmable buttons for customization, allowing you to create powerful macros and key remaps. 

The mouse is equipped with ultra-durable Omron switches rated for more than 50 million clicks. The three-zone RGB lighting can be synchronized with other iCUE-compatible Corsair devices, offering customizable aesthetics to match your setup. The contoured shape of the mouse is specifically designed for palm grips, providing comfort during extended gaming sessions. It’s a high-performance bluetooth gaming mouse suitable for those who demand accuracy and customization.


  • Comfortable for larger hands
  • Customizable buttons
  • High DPI settings 
  • Long battery life (up to 50 hours)


  • Difficult software customization (iCUE)
  • Some quality control issues
  • Placement of buttons 
  • Scroll wheel issues over time

Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Customizable Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Razer | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 12,000 | Programmable Buttons: 9 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 3.88oz | Colors: Classic Black 


The Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed is a versatile wireless gaming mouse bluetooth designed to meet the demands of gamers. With its iconic ergonomic form and 9 customizable controls, it caters to different grip styles and allows for extensive command combinations and macros. This Bluetooth gaming mouse features Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology, providing seamless, low-latency performance, while also offering the option to switch to Bluetooth for longer gaming sessions. 

Razer Basilisk V3 boasts a remarkable battery life of up to 285 hours on Razer HyperSpeed and 535 hours on Bluetooth, ensuring you can stay in the game for extended periods. Equipped with the Razer 5G Advanced 18K optical sensor, it delivers responsive and pixel-precise aiming with no spinouts. The Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed also incorporates Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches Gen-2, known for their durability and a lifespan of up to 60 million clicks. Additionally, users can personalize the mouse’s appearance with Razer Chroma RGB, offering a wide range of colors and lighting effects for a more immersive gaming experience.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Customizable settings
  • Impressive ergonomic design
  • Suitable for both work and gaming


  • RGB settings require Synapse app
  • Limited onboard memory for RGB settings
  • Scroll wheel durability concerns
  • Higher price than perceived value

Corsair NIGHTSABRE RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Corsair | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 26,000 | Programmable Buttons: 11 | RGB: Yes | Weight: ‎3.52oz | Colors: Black


The Corsair NIGHTSABRE WIRELESS gaming mouse is a powerful tool designed for gamers seeking exceptional performance and precision. With its wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Corsair’s SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, this mouse offers gamers the freedom to play without the hassle of wires. Its symmetrical shape ensures a secure and comfortable grip, making it suitable for various gaming genres, from FPS to MOBA.

Key features of this mouse include 11 fully programmable buttons, allowing gamers to customize their gameplay with powerful macros and button remaps. The Corsair MARKSMAN 26K DPI optical sensor offers remarkable precision, capturing even the smallest and fastest mouse movements. With dynamic seven-zone RGB backlighting, the NIGHTSABRE adds a touch of style to the gaming setup. This wireless bluetooth gaming mouse also boasts a long-lasting battery, providing up to 100 hours of gameplay on a single charge, making it a reliable choice for gamers.


  • Programmable buttons
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Bluetooth and Slipstream Wireless options
  • Long battery life


  • Pricey
  • Large size
  • No weight customization
  • Limited color options

Alienware AW720M Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Alienware | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 26,000 | Programmable Buttons: 8 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 5.3oz  | Colors: Dark Side of the Moon


The Alienware AW720M Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse offers unmatched capabilities and versatility for gamers. With a remarkable 26,000 DPI, tracking up to 650 IPS, and sensors capable of handling up to 50G of max acceleration, it’s designed for peak gaming performance. You can enjoy uninterrupted gaming with options to connect via a USB-C Wireless Dongle, providing up to 140 hours of lag-free gameplay, or through Bluetooth for up to an astounding 420 hours. 

This may not be a cheap bluetooth gaming mouse but it  features tri-mode connectivity, offering a 2.4GHz USB-C Wireless Dongle for wired-like performance, Bluetooth 5.1 for use with laptops or mobile devices, and traditional wired connectivity through USB-A to USB-C cable. The AW720M also boasts a one-of-a-kind design with eight programmable buttons and 3D-sculpted thumb grips, ensuring a comfortable grip for both left and right-handed users. Its iconic Alienware design and AlienFX RGB lighting that syncs with the Alienware Command Center add a unique aesthetic touch to your gaming setup.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Quick battery charging
  • Customizable RGB lighting


  • Battery life may not meet claims
  • Occasional scrolling issues
  • Frequent software updates
  • Noisy scroll wheel

ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Gaming PC Wireless Mouse

Manufacturer: ROCCAT | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Max DPI: 19,000 | Programmable Buttons: 6 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 75g | Colors: White


The ROCCAT Kone Pro Air is a cutting-edge wireless gaming mouse that combines performance and style. It features Bluetooth connectivity and is perfect for gamers seeking an ergonomic and responsive device. With a maximum DPI of 19,000, this mouse ensures precise tracking for gaming or productivity tasks. 

The gaming mouse bluetooth is equipped with Titan Switch Optical for faster responses and longevity, and it boasts remarkable battery life, offering over 100 hours of use on a single charge. The vivid AIMO RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors provides a visually stunning experience. The Kone Pro Air also includes a heat-treated pure PTFE glides system for smooth mouse movements. Its lightweight yet robust design, combined with the translucent fade on the main clicks, showcases ROCCAT’s commitment to excellence.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique shape
  • Good scroll wheel
  • Solid battery life


  • Occasional scrolling issues
  • Creaky mouse buttons
  • Smooth sides can be slippery
  • No USB-C to A dongle adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are bluetooth mice good for gaming?

    Bluetooth gaming mice can be suitable for casual gaming or non-competitive scenarios where low latency and precision are not as critical. However, the best gaming experience is usually achieved with a wired gaming mouse due to its faster response times and reliability. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, you might find some cheap Bluetooth gaming mouse, but they may not deliver the same performance as higher-end wired mice.

  • Is wired or bluetooth mouse better for gaming?

    Compared to wired mice, Bluetooth gaming mouse may introduce slightly higher latency, which can be noticeable in fast-paced and competitive gaming. This latency difference might not matter for everyday use, but for serious gamers, a wired mouse is generally preferred. Bluetooth mice are generally safe to use, but security concerns can arise with wireless communication. To connect a Bluetooth gaming mouse to your computer, enable Bluetooth in your device’s settings, put your mouse in pairing mode, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

  • Are bluetooth mice slower?

    Bluetooth mice are often considered slower than their wired counterparts, primarily due to the inherent latency associated with wireless connections. While the difference might not be noticeable in everyday computing tasks, it can become a concern for competitive gaming where split-second reactions are crucial. That’s why the best Bluetooth gaming mouse are designed to minimize this latency, making them a suitable choice for casual gamers who prioritize convenience over ultra-fast response times but may not be the first choice for professional esports players who require lightning-quick precision.

  • Are bluetooth mouses safe?

    When it comes to safety, Bluetooth gaming mouse are generally considered secure for everyday use. Bluetooth technology has evolved to include encryption features, protecting the data transmitted between the mouse and your computer. However, it’s important to keep your Bluetooth drivers and firmware up-to-date to minimize vulnerabilities. For those concerned about wireless security, some opt for gaming mice that use dedicated wireless dongles, which can provide an extra layer of security compared to standard Bluetooth connections. While the risk is minimal for most users, taking these precautions can help ensure the safety of your Bluetooth gaming mouse.

  • How do I bluetooth my mouse?

    Connecting your Bluetooth gaming mouse is usually a straightforward process. First, make sure your computer has Bluetooth capability. Then, turn on your mouse in pairing mode, which is typically done by holding down specific buttons or following the manufacturer’s instructions. Your computer should detect the mouse in its list of available devices. Once it appears, select it to establish the connection. In some cases, you might need to enter a pairing code or PIN, which is usually provided in the mouse’s manual. Keep in mind that the exact steps can vary slightly based on your computer’s operating system and the specific mouse you’re using, so consulting your device’s manual or the manufacturer’s website is often a good idea for a seamless setup.

Final thoughts and recommendations

The gaming industry has made major advancements in wireless technology, providing gamers with low-latency Bluetooth choices that provide a competitive edge without the clutter of connections. The choice between Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, or dual connectivity depends on your gaming style and needs.

When considering which Bluetooth gaming mouse to purchase, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons of different models. Some options provide versatile features, such as customizable side grips and a high DPI range, making them excellent choices for various gaming genres. Others are known for their lightweight design and impeccable sensors, ideal for those who prefer agility and precision in their gameplay. There are also options catering to fans of customization and lighting effects, with extensive programmable buttons and RGB zones, offering visually appealing and versatile gaming experiences..

It’s crucial to ensure the Bluetooth gaming mouse you select can keep up with fast-paced gaming without delays and that its battery can withstand long gaming sessions. Compatibility with various operating systems and devices is another point worth investigating.

Bluetooth gaming mouse are constantly changing, with alternatives to fit a wide range of gaming styles. Finally, the ideal option will be determined by your personal preferences and needs. Whether you value responsiveness, customisation, or a combination of the two, there is a Bluetooth gaming mouse out there to improve your gaming experience. Choose wisely, and you’ll be well on your way to a wireless gaming setup that improves your experience.

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