Best Wired Gaming Mouse

If you're a gamer or spend long hours working at your computer, you know how important it is to have the best wired gaming mouse. A good wired gaming mouse can help to prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), which are painful and can even lead to permanent nerve damage.

So, what exactly is a gaming mouse, and how does it differ from your run-of-the-mill office mouse? In simple terms, a gaming mouse is purpose-built for precision, speed, and comfort. Its distinguishing features, like higher sensor resolutions (DPI), additional programmable buttons, ergonomic design, and customization options, provide a significant edge for gamers and productivity enthusiasts alike. But it’s not just about gaming; these mice have advantages that extend to our everyday computing tasks.

Picture this: long hours spent in front of your computer screen, whether you’re engaged in a thrilling gaming session or tirelessly slogging through work assignments. The ergonomic design of a good wired gaming mouse ensures that your hand remains comfortable even during extended use, reducing the risk of wrist and hand fatigue. The customizable buttons not only enhance gaming performance but can be programmed to streamline work tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Things to consider 

Selecting the best wired gaming mouse isn’t just about making a choice; it’s about making an informed decision that could significantly impact your gaming experience and overall productivity. With the vast array of options available, it’s crucial to consider several key factors to ensure that you make the right investment. So, let’s dive into the critical aspects that will help you choose the best wired gaming mouse for your needs.


When it comes to cheap wired gaming mouse, quality should be your top priority. A high-quality gaming mouse guarantees exceptional performance and durability. You want a mouse that can endure the rigors of intense gaming sessions without faltering. Sturdy construction, top-notch components, and precise craftsmanship are hallmarks of a good wired gaming mouse. Don’t compromise on quality, as it directly influences your gaming precision and long-term enjoyment.


The design of your gaming mouse plays a significant role in both comfort and performance. It should fit your hand naturally and comfortably, allowing for extended use without strain. Accessibility to buttons and features is also critical for seamless gameplay. A well-designed gaming mouse wired for enhancing your experience ensures that you have quick and effortless access to essential functions, all while reducing the risk of discomfort or hand fatigue.


Ergonomics are vital for preventing fatigue and strain, especially during extended gaming sessions. The best wired gaming mouse should feature a shape that aligns with your hand’s natural contours. Look for mice with added ergonomic elements, like thumb rests and contoured shapes, that offer extra comfort and support, keeping wrist and arm stress at bay.

Connectivity Technology

The choice between wireless and wired connectivity is pivotal. While wired gaming mice often deliver peak performance with no latency, Wireless options offer the freedom of movement. If you opt for wired connectivity, you’re guaranteed stability and zero lag, but you’ll be tethered to your system. The decision ultimately depends on your preferences and gaming style.


Sensitivity is measured in DPI (dots per inch), and it profoundly affects how your mouse tracks movements. A good DPI range for gaming usually falls between 800 and 1600, but personal preferences can vary. Higher DPI mice provide more accurate tracking, though they may require some adjustment. Finding the right sensitivity level that suits your gaming style and comfort is crucial.


The weight of your wired gaming mouse is a matter of personal preference and gaming style. Lightweight mice offer exceptional speed and maneuverability, while heavier mice provide stability and control. Consider your gaming habits and decide which weight category aligns best with your needs.


There are also cheap wired gaming mouse that come equipped with extra features that can enhance your gaming and working experiences. These features often include programmable buttons, which allow you to customize your mouse to your specific needs, and RGB lighting for a touch of personal style. When selecting a gaming mouse wired for precision, assess which additional features align with your preferences and can contribute to your overall gaming or working efficiency.

TOP 8 Best Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Ultralight Wired Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Razer | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 16,000 | Programmable Buttons: 8 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 69g | Colors: Classic Black

The Razer Viper Ultralight is a good wired gaming mouse that weighs in at a mere 69 grams. It features a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, Razer optical mouse switches, and an ambidextrous design. It also has eight programmable buttons and customizable Chroma RGB color profiles.

The Razer Viper Ultralight is one of the best wired gaming mice on the market. It’s lightweight, has a high-precision sensor, and is incredibly responsive. It’s also very comfortable to use for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for the best wired gaming mouse, the Razer Viper Ultralight is a great option. It’s one of the lightest mice on the market, has a high-precision sensor, and is very comfortable to use.


  • Lightweight
  • High-precision sensor
  • Responsive buttons
  • Smooth scroll wheel
  • Customizable RGB lighting


  • Side buttons are difficult to press
  • Clicks may be too soft for some users
  • Cord can be cumbersome
  • Some units may be received in used condition

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Razer | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 16,000 | Programmable Buttons: 7 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 0.459 oz | Colors: Matte Black


The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a wired gaming mouse with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, Chroma RGB lighting, and 7 programmable buttons. It’s designed for gamers who need the best possible performance and accuracy.

The DeathAdder Elite is one of the most popular gaming mice on the market for a reason. It’s comfortable to use for long periods of time, and it has all the features that gamers need, including a high-precision sensor, customizable RGB lighting, and programmable buttons.

If you’re looking for the best wired gaming mouse that offers the maximum possible performance and features, the Razer DeathAdder Elite is a great option.


  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Precise Tracking
  • Customizable Buttons
  • High DPI Settings


  • Software Issues
  • Durability Concerns
  • Not for Small Hands
  • Scroll Wheel Problems

ROCCAT Burst Pro PC Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: ROCCAT | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 19,000 | Programmable Buttons: 6 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 6.40oz | Colors: White


The ROCCAT Burst Pro PC Gaming Mouse is a high-performance wired gaming mouse with a sleek white design. It boasts the Titan Switch Optical for rapid, precise clicks and an incredible 100 million click lifespan. The device features an Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor, ensuring smooth and accurate tracking. With a lightweight 68g bionic shell and AIMO lighting, this mouse is not only functional but also visually impressive.

The ROCCAT Burst Pro PC Gaming Mouse takes user comfort to a new level with its redesigned ergonomic shape. Crafted from scratch, this mouse offers a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that your hand feels at home during extended gaming sessions. The PhantomFlex cable provides an experience almost as seamless as wireless, with its flexibility and lightweight design. Heat-treated pure PTFE glides offer exceptional glide and smooth mouse movements right out of the box, enhancing your overall gaming experience. Combined with its striking AIMO illumination that offers vibrant lighting displays in 16.8 million colors, this mouse is a top choice for gamers who demand both performance and aesthetics.


  • Lightweight
  • PhantomFlex cable
  • Smooth glide
  • Striking AIMO illumination


  • Inconsistent M1/M2 Buttons
  • Lack of Wireless Option
  • M1/M2 Click Feedback
  • Unpredictable Battery Life 

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: SteelSeries | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 8,500 | Programmable Buttons: 6 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 77g | Colors: Black


The SteelSeries Rival 3 is the embodiment of the best wired gaming mouse, offering gamers an exceptional experience. With an 8500 CPI TrueMove Core optical sensor, it delivers precise 1-to-1 tracking, ensuring that your every move translates seamlessly in-game. This gaming wired mouse is tailored for intense gaming sessions, featuring an ergonomic design that enhances comfort, making it an excellent choice for extended gameplay. Furthermore, the 60 million click mechanical switches deliver a crisp response, ensuring your clicks remain satisfyingly tactile throughout its long lifespan.

Rival 3 features brilliant prism RGB lighting that offers three independently controlled RGB zones, providing 16.8 million customizable colors. With a lightweight build and high-grade polymer materials, this mouse is built to withstand competitive gaming environments while maintaining its comfort and style, making it a solid choice for gamers seeking the best wired gaming mouse experience.


  • Multiple color options in software
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Functional acceleration and deceleration options
  • Well-priced with standard button features


  • Buttons feel cheaper 
  • Scroll wheel occasionally slippery
  • No low battery warning
  • Permanently attached cord

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: SteelSeries | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 12,000 | Programmable Buttons: 7 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 96g customizable | Colors: Black 


The SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse stands out as one of the best wired gaming mouse available today, boasting a TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor system with a remarkable 12,000 CPI and 350 IPS for esports-level tracking accuracy. This mouse’s precision is further enhanced by customizable lift-off distances, allowing gamers to fine-tune their control. Never worry about unwanted movement when lifting or placing your mouse; the dual sensor system grants complete command over your gaming experience. 

Featuring a groundbreaking 256-center-of-gravity weight tuning configuration, this gaming mouse provides unprecedented control over its weight. With customizable lift-off distances as low as 0.5 millimeters, you can adjust the Rival 600’s feel to match your preference. It doesn’t stop there; the mouse also offers a premium magnetic wrist rest for full palm support and comfort. 


  • Improved accuracy
  • Comfortable grip
  • Premium click feel
  • Adjustable weight


  • Sensitive lift-off sensor
  • Silicone material generates heat
  • Slippery design
  • Limited DPI profiles

Acer Predator Cestus 330 Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Acer | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 16,000 | Programmable Buttons: 7 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 5.6oz | Colors: Black


Acer Predator Cestus 330 Gaming Mouse is a wired gaming mouse designed for those seeking precision and accuracy in their gaming experience. It features a PixArt 3335 sensor that offers a wide range of DPI settings, from 16,000 DPI down to 1 DPI, allowing users to fine-tune their mouse sensitivity to match different game requirements. With 7 programmable buttons, including a convenient DPI on-the-fly switch, players can customize their controls to suit their gaming style. 

The mouse boasts 16.8 million color combinations and four lighting patterns, making it visually appealing and adaptable to various gaming setups. With a 1,000Hz polling rate, 40g acceleration rate, and 400 IPS, it provides quick and precise tracking, ensuring that your every move is translated accurately in-game. Tested for durability, it’s built to withstand intense gaming sessions, rated for up to 20 million clicks, and features an ergonomic design suitable for right-handed claw grip players. 


  • Build quality
  • Customizable RGB
  • Price point
  • Ergonomic shape


  • Scroll wheel sensitivity
  • No software customization
  • Palm grip needed for optimal use
  • Limited use for competitive gaming

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Corsair | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 26,000 | Programmable Buttons: 8 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 4oz  | Colors: Black


The CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Gaming Mouse is a good wired gaming mouse that combines performance and durability. With an iconic aluminum frame, it offers lasting build quality. The mouse features the remarkable MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI Optical Sensor and Optical Switches for precise and responsive clicks. Its AXON Hyper-Processing Technology allows for ultra-fast movement and click registration with a native 8,000Hz polling rate.

This mouse also includes a Tunable Weight System to adjust the center of gravity and weight to your preference. The CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Gaming Mouse is also designed to enhance in-game actions, thanks to its six-axis gyro that enables tilt gestures.


  • High DPI capacity
  • Sniper button for precision
  • Aluminum frame
  • Grippy mouse feet


  • Awkward sniper button placement
  • Bulky and wide
  • High lift-off distance
  • iCue is unintuitive

HyperX Pulsefire Raid – Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: HyperX | Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 16,000 | Programmable Buttons: 11 | RGB: Yes | Weight: 4.3oz | Colors: Black


The HyperX Pulsefire Raid is a wired gaming mouse designed for competitive gamers. With its 11 programmable buttons, this mouse offers extensive customization options to tailor it to your gaming needs. The Pixart 3389 sensor provides precise tracking at up to 16,000 DPI, ensuring that your every move is registered accurately. This makes it a strong contender for the title of the best wired gaming mouse in its class.

The ergonomic design with comfortable side grips enhances your gaming experience, reducing fatigue during long sessions. The split-button design ensures extreme responsiveness, making your clicks register precisely, while the customizable RGB lighting adds a touch of style to your setup. The large skates and flexible braided cable contribute to smooth and controlled gliding, allowing you to maintain precise control in fast-paced games. Multi-platform compatibility makes it versatile, so whether you’re a PC or console gamer, the HyperX Pulsefire Raid is ready to elevate your gaming performance.


  • Precise 3389 sensor
  • Large and smooth mouse feet
  • Versatile ergonomic shape
  • Extensive RGB customization


  • Software issues
  • Not the best button programming options
  • Shape may not suit everyone
  • High arch and slope caused hand strain

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Wired mouses OK for gaming?

    A wired gaming mouse is an excellent choice for gaming because it provides a stable and low-latency connection. This ensures that your movements are registered instantly without any lag, making it a top pick for gamers who demand precision and responsiveness. Many gamers, both casual and competitive, prefer using a wired gaming mouse due to these advantages, especially in fast-paced games where split-second reactions matter.

  • What mouse are best for gaming?

    The best wired gaming mouse options are those that offer high-quality performance, precision, and durability. Gamers typically favor these mice because they guarantee reliability during intense gaming sessions and provide a competitive edge. Unlike wireless mice, wired ones eliminate any concerns about latency, making them a popular choice for those who prioritize speed and accuracy in their gaming experience. This is why many gamers lean towards wired mice when they’re aiming for the best performance possible.

  • Do wired mouse lag?

    Wired gaming mice are designed to minimize lag, making them a preferred choice for gamers who prioritize responsiveness. These mice use a direct, wired connection to your computer, eliminating the potential latency issues associated with wireless mice. As a result, wired gaming mice offer virtually instantaneous response times, ensuring that your in-game actions are registered without delay.

  • Do gamers prefer wired or wireless mouse?

    The preference between wired and wireless mice among gamers varies, with many leaning towards wired options for their low-latency advantage. While wireless mice have made significant advancements in reducing lag, the slight latency difference can be critical in competitive gaming, where split-second reactions are vital. For gamers who value speed and responsiveness above all, wired gaming mice are often considered faster due to their direct, uninterrupted connection. However, some users prioritize the freedom and flexibility offered by wireless mice, especially in casual gaming scenarios, and may not notice the minimal speed difference.

  • Is wired mouse faster than wireless?

    Yes, wired mice are generally considered faster than wireless mice. This is because wired mice have a direct and uninterrupted connection to the computer, which results in minimal latency and faster response times. In competitive gaming, where split-second reactions are crucial, the speed and reliability of wired mice are preferred by many gamers. While wireless technology has made significant advancements in reducing lag, wired connections remain the top choice for those who prioritize speed and responsiveness in their gaming experience.

Final thoughts and recommendations

Selecting the best wired gaming mouse involves weighing several key factors to find the perfect fit for your gaming needs. While the market offers a multitude of options, it’s vital to consider your grip style, game genre preferences, and desired features when making your choice. The importance of a high-precision sensor, customizable buttons, and a comfortable ergonomic design cannot be overstated. These factors are the backbone of any reliable gaming mouse, ensuring seamless gameplay and top-tier performance.

Learning how to fine-tune your mouse settings and personalize it according to your gaming style can significantly impact your overall gaming experience. Moreover, paying attention to build quality and durability will guarantee that your investment stands the test of time and countless gaming sessions.

In my personal recommendation, some of the best-wired gaming mice on the market include the SteelSeries Rival 600 for its dual-sensor system, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Tunable for its sniper button precision, and the HyperX Pulsefire Raid for its accurate registration and comfortable ergonomic design. All of these mice offer exceptional value in their own right, and the choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and priorities in a gaming mouse. I encourage you to explore these options further and make an informed decision to elevate your gaming performance. With the right wired gaming mouse in your arsenal, you’ll have the precision and control you need to dominate your favorite games.

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