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Best Cheap Gaming Desk

Gamers know that a good gaming desk can make all the difference in their gaming experience, but high-end gaming desks can often come with a hefty price tag. That's why we've compiled a list of the best cheap gaming desks that are wallet-friendly.
best cheap gaming desk

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a gaming desk and compare how gaming desks differ from normal office desks, while also highlighting the top picks for the best budget gaming desk options available.

Things to consider

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional streamer, finding the right gaming desk is crucial to your overall gaming setup. However, high-end gaming desks can often carry a steep price, making it challenging for gamers on a budget. That’s why it’s important to consider the features you need when shopping for a cheap gaming desk. Look for a desk that provides generous space for your gaming equipment, to ensure that you have an organized and comfortable gaming experience. By considering these factors, you can find the best cheap gaming desk that suits your needs and budget.


It’s crucial to take the quality of the materials into account while looking for a gaming desk cheap. In addition to lasting longer, a high-quality desk will enhance the gaming experience. Look for desks built of durable, scratch- and wear-resistant materials like MDF, steel, or wood. A cheap gaming desk might not be the most lasting option, but it should still be able to give your gaming setup a firm and robust surface.


The design of a gaming desk can play a significant role in how comfortable and efficient your gaming experience is. A well-designed gaming desk should provide ample space for all of your gaming equipment, as well as offer features such as cable management systems and headphone hooks. Look for a budget gaming desk that fits your personal style and complements your overall gaming setup.


A decent gaming desk should be constructed with ergonomics in mind to support and position your body correctly over extended gaming sessions. To reduce stress on your arms and wrists, look for desks with adjustable height options and ergonomic elements like a curved front edge or a wrist rest.


When it comes to choosing the shape of your gaming desk, there are several options to consider. Standard rectangular desks are the most common, but you can also choose from L-shaped, Z-shaped or X-shaped desks. L-shaped desks offer more surface area and can fit snugly in corners, while Z-shaped and X-shaped desks provide a more modern look and offer additional features such as storage compartments.


Many cheap gaming desks come with a variety of features that can enhance your gaming experience, such as cable grommets for cable management, controller stands, cup holders, headphone hooks, and even built-in mouse pads. Consider which features are important to you and choose a desk that offers the ones you need.

Max Load

When shopping for a cheap gaming desk, it’s important to consider the maximum weight the desk can support. Look for desks with a high weight capacity to ensure that your gaming equipment, such as monitors and gaming PCs, can be supported without the desk wobbling or breaking under the weight. Be sure to check the max load before making a purchase.

TOP 7 best cheap gaming desks

YoRiBo L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Manufacturer: YoRiBo | Shape: L-Shape | Material: Carbon Fiber, Steel | Top Material Type: Carbon Fiber | Dimensions: 30″D x 80″W x 40″H | Max Load: 200lbs | Color: Black

The YORIBO gaming desk is the best option if you’re looking for a new gaming desk. With its svelte form and impressive functionality, this cost-effective choice delivers a punch. The eye-catching RGB lighting will draw attention to your gaming setup and the sturdy black steel frame will support any heavy gaming equipment with ease.

I like that gamers were taken into consideration when designing the YORIBO gaming workstation. The ergonomic design and generous gaming space provide comfort and convenience during long gaming sessions. Plus, the L shape desk is perfect for multitasking or having multiple monitors.

As someone who takes their gaming seriously, this desk brings together everything I need for the perfect gaming setup. Transforming it from a compact portable package to a ready-to-game position is a breeze.

Overall, the YORIBO gaming desk is the best cheap gaming desk on the market.


  • Spacious and roomy
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Easy LED installation
  • Sturdy, good quality


  • Leaves stains easily
  • Unclear instructions
  • Hard to assemble solo
  • Inaccurate dimensions listed

DESINO 32 Inch Gaming Desk

Manufacturer: DESINO | Shape: Rectangular | Material: Carbon Fiber | Top Material Type: Carbon Fiber Texture Surface | Dimensions:19.7″D x 40″W x 28.1″H | Color: Black

This cheap gaming desk is specifically created to cater to the needs of gamers, featuring a distinctive surface with a carbon fiber texture that not only has an impressive appearance but also offers safety, durability, and easy maintenance.

One of the standout features of this desk is its ergonomic wraparound shape, which offers a comfortable and immersive gaming experience. In addition to its sleek design, this desk comes equipped with a variety of features, such as a headphone hook for easy storage and retrieval, as well as custom stickers to add a personal touch.

But perhaps most importantly, this desk is built to last, thanks to its sturdy X-shaped leg design that ensures maximum stability and durability. And don’t worry about struggling to put it together – this is pain-free assembly with the help of the manual and installation video.

So if you’re in the market for the best cheap gaming desk or the best budget gaming desk, the DESINO Professional gaming desk is definitely worth considering. 


  • Easy to clean surface
  • Great shipping packaging
  • Affordable price
  • With Headphone hook


  • Limited chair space
  • Center-mounted cross support limits storage 
  • Cheap quality
  • Confusing instructions

SHW Harrison 31-inch Desk  

Manufacturer: SHW | Shape: Rectangular | Material: Engineered Wood, Steel | Top Material Type: Engineered Wood | Dimensions: 16 x 31 x 29 inches | Color: Black


For those seeking a low-cost gaming desk, the Harrison Collectible Series is a modern desk that comes with a removable side shelf that can be installed on either the left or right side. Assembly is easy thanks to the step-by-step instructions and hardware.

With a dimension of 16″ D x 31″ W x 29″ H, this budget gaming desk is compact enough to fit into any room while still providing extensive workspace. The sleek black finish of the work surface is not only beautiful but also easy to clean, while adjustable glides keep the desk balanced and stable on uneven floors.

The X-shaped design of the heavy-duty steel bar gives this best budget gaming desk high load capacity, making it perfect for your gaming setup. And with the option to install the side shelf on the outer or inner left or right, you can customize the desk to fit your needs. The Harrison Collectible Series is the best budget gaming desk on the market, offering you a sturdy and adaptable workspace at an affordable price.


  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable
  • Space efficient
  • Good workspace


  • Slightly unstable
  • Poor quality control
  • Unattractive compared to picture
  • Loses stability 

SHW Vista L-Shape Desk

Manufacturer: SHW | Shape: L-Shape | Material: Engineered Wood, Steel | Top Material Type: Engineered Wood | Dimensions: 51″D x 51″W x 28.5″H | Color: Black


The SHW Vista L-shaped 3-piece corner computer desk may be just what you need! With a dimension of 51″ W x 19″ D x 28.5″ H (51″ overall depth), this desk features a removable monitor shelf that can be installed on either the left or right, as well as a footrest bar for added comfort. Adjustable glides ensure that the desk stays balanced on uneven floors.

The desk also comes with a sliding drawer for safekeeping and adjustable dividers to customize your storage space. The 30.25″ extra-large shelf can serve as a monitor raiser or bookshelf, and can be installed on either side.

The Z-shaped design and strong steel frame with a fashionable coating make it a stylish addition to any room or office space.

Additionally, two steel hooks are provided to hang your headphones, bags, or other accessories on each side, each hook able to hold up to 10 lbs.


  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Good quality
  • Flexible movable shelf
  • Quick assembly


  • Can wobble over time
  • Unsturdy for heavy items
  • Average material quality
  • Monitor stand stability issues

Coleshome L Shaped Gaming Desk

Manufacturer: Coleshome | Shape: L- Shape | Material: Premium Board, Steel | Top Material Type: Premium Board | Dimensions: 51″D x 48″W x 29.3″H | Max Load: 220 lbs. | Color: White

Introducing the Coleshome L-shaped desk. It comes with two removable monitor stands, a headphone hook, and a cup holder, making it a great option for gamers who need multiple equipment support. Plus, the left and right sides of the desk are switchable, so you can adjust it to fit your work habits.

Setting up the desk was a breeze, as it comes with detailed instructions and necessary assembly tools. Once set up, I was impressed with the amount of space it provided.

The desk is versatile, functioning not just as a gaming desk but also as an office and study desk. It’s built with a high-quality board that’s waterproof and scratch-resistant, and the Z-shaped steel frame provides stability for up to 220 lbs. Adjustable leveling studs ensure stability on uneven floors.

Overall, this is the best budget gaming desk with excellent customer service.


  • Spacious
  • Robust
  • Effortless assembly
  • Good legroom


  • Narrow depth
  • Unsteady with heavy items
  • Uncomfortable center legs
  • Expensive for quality
  • Unstable wooden tops

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Gaming Desk

Manufacturer: Mr IRONSTONE | Shape: L-Shape | Material: Engineered Wood, Metal | Top Material Type: Engineered Wood | Dimensions: 50.79″D x 50.8″W x 29.53″H | Max Load: 500 lbs. | Color: Black


Searching for a low-cost gaming workstation without sacrificing quality? Consider then the best budget gaming desk from Mr. IRONSTONE. You can quickly set up your new desk thanks to simple assembly and quick shipping.

Built with durability in mind, this gaming desk boasts a thick metal frame and P2 MDF board for a load capacity of up to 500lbs. You won’t have to worry about scratches on the smooth and exquisite desktop either, even with quick mouse movements. And with ample legroom and a large double desktop design, this desk is perfect for those who need space to work or game.

This L shaped corner desk is also a space saver and easy to clean, with stains and dust easily wiped away. It’s the ultimate gift for family and friends, with a 3-year limited warranty and 24/7 after-sales customer support. 

Upgrade your gaming setup today by getting your new desk now without any delay!


  • Fast assembly
  • Corner space utilized well
  • Sturdy on hardwood floor
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Reduce monitor length
  • Unstable Shelf
  • Fingerprint-prone surface
  • Misaligned holes

Armocity 40 Inch Reversible Gaming Desk

Manufacturer: Armocity | Shape: Rectangular | Material: Metal | Top Material Type: Metal | Dimensions: 39.4″D x 19.69″W x 29.6″H | Max Load: 250 lbs. | Color: White and Black

This desk is perfect for those on a budget who still want all the features of a high-end gaming desk.

One of the biggest advantages of this desk is the built-in charger station. With 3 USB ports and 2 power outlets on the top of the desk, messy cords are a thing of the past. Plus, the moveable monitor shelf allows you to adjust the height of your monitor for a healthier sitting position.

Not only is this desk functional, but it also looks great in any space. With a sleek white and black design and two storage shelves, it’s perfect for a small office or gaming area. Plus, with a weight capacity of 250 lbs, it’s sturdy enough to support your gaming gear.

And if you have any issues with your desk, don’t worry – Armocity offers a 2-year warranty for their 40” computer desk. Hence why delay? Upgrade your gaming setup with Armocity’s budget gaming desk today!


  • Sturdy, strong
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Good for small rooms
  • Outlet included


  • Uneven rods
  • Not reversible
  • Confusing assembly instructions
  • Off-center holes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are gaming desk worth it?

    A cozy and ergonomic setup is vital for gamers. The necessary features, like cable management, adjustable height, and enough room for monitors, peripherals, and accessories, can be found in a gaming desk made specifically for this use.

    However, the price of some gaming desks can be quite steep, especially for those on a tight budget. That’s why there’s a growing market for cheap gaming desks or budget gaming desks that offer similar features at a more affordable price point.

    While some of these may not have the same level of quality or durability as higher-end models, they can still provide a functional and comfortable gaming setup. It’s important to do research and read reviews to find the best cheap gaming desk or best budget gaming desk.

    In conclusion, gaming desks can be worth it for those who want a comfortable and ergonomic setup for their gaming sessions. While high-end models may not be feasible for everyone, there are options for cheap gaming desks or budget gaming desks that can provide similar features at a more affordable price.

  • Why are gaming desks so expensive?

    Gaming desks can be high-priced because of their features tailored for gamers. These features can include adjustable height, cable management systems, and RGB lighting, among others. Additionally, they are typically made with high-quality materials that offer better durability and are able to withstand heavy use compared to regular desks. Materials such as solid wood, steel, and tempered glass are commonly used.

    Despite their benefits, the cost of designing and manufacturing a gaming desk can be more expensive than a regular desk, partly because of market research, product design, and testing that is required to meet the specific needs of gamers.

    Fortunately, you can find a gaming desk cheaply and cheerfully. There are budget gaming desks and affordable gaming desk options that offer many of the same features as higher-end models. It’s important to research and find a gaming desk that fits your needs and budget.

    In summary, gaming desks may be expensive, but there are gaming desk cheap options that can offer a great gaming experience without breaking the bank.

  • Can you use normal desk for gaming?

    Yes, you can definitely use a normal desk for gaming. A standard desk can fulfill your basic requirements such as supporting your computer, monitor, and gaming accessories. However, gaming desks are designed specifically to enhance your gaming experience.

    Gaming desks are designed with a larger surface area and height-adjustable features that can accommodate multiple monitors and other gaming equipment. They often come with built-in cable management, so you can keep your cords organized and out of sight.

    Normal desks may not provide the necessary features for gamers such as proper ergonomics, adjustable height, or a wider space for mouse movement. 

    But if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend extra on a gaming desk, a standard desk can still work well enough for your gaming needs.

  • Should I have a high or low desk for gaming?

    When it comes to gaming desks, height is an essential factor to consider. Some gamers prefer a high desk, while others prefer a low desk. The best height for a gaming desk depends on your personal preferences and the type of chair you’re using.

    If you have a standard office chair, you may prefer a lower desk, which allows you to comfortably place your feet on the ground while gaming. A lower desk can also provide a more relaxed posture, reducing strain on your back and shoulders during extended gaming sessions.

    On the other hand, if you have a gaming chair with a high backrest and adjustable armrests, you may prefer a higher desk. A higher desk allows you to position your arms and hands comfortably for long periods. Additionally, a higher desk can offer a better view of the gaming monitor, reducing the need for you to crane your neck or adjust the monitor’s height.

    Ultimately, the decision between a high or low gaming desk comes down to your personal preference and ergonomic needs. Consider factors such as your chair type, height, and body posture when selecting a gaming desk.

Final thoughts and recommendations

In conclusion, a good gaming desk is an essential investment for any serious gamer. While high-end gaming desks may be out of reach for many, there are plenty of options that offer excellent quality, design, ergonomics, shape, features and max load at an affordable price. The key is to look for a desk that is made of sturdy materials, is well-designed, and offers ample space and ergonomic support.

When shopping for a gaming desk cheap, it’s important to do your research and consider your personal needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a standard rectangular desk, an L-shaped desk, or a Z-shaped or X-shaped desk. Look for desks with a high weight capacity and ergonomic features such as adjustable height options, a curved front edge, or a wrist rest to prevent strain on your arms and wrists during long gaming sessions.

Additionally, consider the extra features that are important to you, such as cable management systems, controller stands, cup holders, headphone hooks, and built-in mouse pads. These features can help to keep your gaming setup organized and comfortable, and may even improve your gameplay. Ultimately, the best cheap gaming desk for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget, but with our recommendations and guidelines, you should be able to find a desk that suits your needs.

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